Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Makes it all worth it

I placed a reservation order with B&Q on Sunday evening, to pick up some stick on window frosting. We were in the bloody store that morning but I could not find it. That evening I decided to use Google and found that they do have it!! I want to put this on the window opposite the bathroom so that we can remove the curtains and THAT BLASTED RAIL. Closing the door every time is a real pain, so the curtain stays permanently closed.

Andrew has put up our two paintings, which is making the boat feel a bit more like it belongs to us :)  There is not much space for items like this and they are both quite big. But looking good.
It is a bit dark to take photos now but I will see what I can do tomorrow.  I will take a few 'all over' photos so that you can get an idea of what Ashdown looks like while being 'lived in'.

We also made some stops at HomeBase, Dunelm Mill and Wickes on Monday, to try and find the various bits and bobs that we still need.  I would like to have a set of wire basket drawers in the one storage cupboard so that fitting in the canned groceries and then getting them back out again, without having to unpack the cupboard each time, will be a lot easier. Turns out that should be available in B&Q too, but again not found, obviously. We picked up another storage chest from Dunelm Mill, so we now have one each. They can double as a seat and a side table, as well as the storage option :) Very useful when space is a premium.

B&Q were supposed to call to confirm the order reservation, but I am still waiting!!  After waiting 1 1/2 hrs for the call on Monday morning, we upped sticks and moved on, B&Q can keep the window frosting!!  I will find something somewhere else. Andrew is looking at some alternatives to the water supply for the washing machine by filling with a combination of hot and cold water and disabling the heater/thermostat. As we are starting to expect, the parts he needed are supplied by Wickes but only if pre-ordered for pick-up. This shopping for specific requirements is really beginning to suck! You can order anything you like online and have it delivered! To a residential address that is. Bridge 151 on the Grand Union Canal, is not considered a residential address, surprise, surprise. :(

By the time we moved, on Monday, it was overcast and drizzling slightly. 3 1/3 hours later we were both soaked and cold.  Although the rain did not seem get heavier it did remain persistent. Finding decent moorings between the various locks that we had to go through was an issue and Andrew had plans to stop at Cassiobury Park anyway. Which is where we did finally stop.

This morning dawned with a beautiful blue sky, although a short while later it did start clouding over. It remained dry though and very mild. 12degC according to the weather app on my phone. Amazingly enough I was awake and up before 7:30am, before sun rise even (well not quite). On seeing the weather I popped out a.s.a.p with camera in hand :-)

So some lovely autumn scenes and a couple of bird ones, taken with my lovely new 100-400mm lens, the birds that is. I couldn't have got them otherwise :)

Plenty of Autumn Colours



Andrew had a go at running the washing machine using the petrol generator. We needed dry weather and a reasonably rural area in order to run the generator as it could be a bit noisy (97db). We were not sure how loud it might be as we have not run it before. Unfortunately this little trial failed. The washing machine did not like the power supplied directly by the generator. Hopefully there has been no damage done, to the washing machine that is.

Lovely as the spot was (Cassiobury Park in Watford), we moved on a as we would like to get to Paddington Basin sooner rather than later. Even though we are now just 22 miles from the Basin, it will still take us 2 days.  According to Canal Plan it will take just over 8 hours to get there and with short days we cannot easily manage 8 hours travelling time.  Andrew has checked online and we will spend the night tomorrow in a marina to get the washing done again. This will split the 8 hours travelling into 2 easy days of 3 hours (6 miles, ¾ furlongs and 4 locks) and 5 hours (16 miles, 6½ furlongs and 0 locks).  


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