Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baby it's cold out there.....

We moored up yesterday on the outskirts of Milton Keynes to a beautiful sunny, but cool, afternoon near the  remains of a Norman church. So naturally I grabbed my camera and trotted over to take some photos -

I did a bit of further research on the net after speaking to a man out walking his dogs and discovered that this church was still in use in the late 1920's. Once it was no longer used it seems that the church deteriorated rapidly and this is all that remains today, just 70 years later after it has been standing since about 1175.
( http://www.savestpeterschurch.com/index.php/history/ )

 So from a gorgeous sunset to waking to this, snow and slushy ice on the canal !!

We need to get moving as the food needs restocking. The sun is out again and the snow and slushy ice is already melting, so off to Tescos and then on to Cosgrove for the night.

I will put up a new post tonight with some photo's from Saturday and Sunday, cold and very cold !!!

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