Monday, October 1, 2012

Michele's first impressions...

Yay, my first night on the boat with Andrew.  It was wonderful. Feels odd in the morning though, not pulling up the moorings and moving on to the next stop but I will get over that very soon.  Andrew was really sweet and made dinner for us, including dessert.  I have missed being cared for so well :) made for a perfect night.
Now I just need to get used to the new bed, a normal occurrence when no longer sleeping in my usual bed.  I am sure that it will not take long though.

So I am writing this while waiting for the water tank to fill, doing this very slowly as Andrew is busy moving cars in preparation for the move up to (not sure which way is up, could be down?) Loughborough, where we will stay for the rest of the week while Mattie helps, actually that should be Andrew helps Mattie, install some solar panels. I have high power needs !!!  Also waiting for my camera to arrive on Wednesday, can't wait to get my hands on all that new gear.

Our own boat, it feels wonderful, and after all the prior angst, I love it.  Just a couple of things we would like to 'improve' but otherwise almost perfect.

So this morning was my first Robin

and then breakfast and tea with Andrew sitting at the front deck, deciding what we might just do today ! 
Andrew tidied up some of the excess paper and cardboard which will be used in the fire 

and the narrow corridor in which I have stubbed my toes twice and bruised both my back and arm because I forgot about the rail at the bottom of the curtain :(  but planning on maybe removing those and replacing the curtains with wooden blinds. 

and then of course there are the obligatory duck photos, but I will only add the one. I missed the opportunity to take some of the swans, was just enjoying watching them swim by, until they saw me at the window and swam on over expecting a feed.  They were wrong, I did not give them anything.

So a quiet few days on the plan.  I have a cross stitch kit that I found while clearing out the house, the invoice shows I bought it back in 1998, so probably a good time to get it done.  Just need to get myself some embroidery hoops and then I can get started.

All up a lovely slow start to the year ahead :)

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