Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Journey Begins.....

Well we have finally made it, we have started our first leg of the journey.

After some discussion yesterday between Matty and Andrew, Andrew thought that he might be able to reverse the short distance from where we were moored on the Loughborough Canal to the Chain Bridge.

He did try, but the breeze was not in our favour, so change of plan and a short trip to the winding hole by Pillings Marina and back (added an hour to todays trip).  We popped into the Basin and stocked up for the next few days, at Tescos. On our way out of town we stopped by Matty to say our goodbyes until we meet again in a week or so, somewhere on the Staff's and Worcestershire, if things fall into place that is.

St James, Normanton on Soar -

I was having so much fun I forgot to take some more pictures until we go to the Kegworth Deep Lock, at which point by the time I realised I wanted my camera Andrew was too deep in the lock for me to be able to get my camera from the boat, so I am afraid that this picture taken as we were leaving the lock was all  I could do.

So we continued slowly (or not so slowly) along the River Soar and we have stopped for the night opposite the Redhill Marina with a not so lovely view of the Ratcliffe Power Station. 

Ashdown in and exiting the Ratcliffe lock:

Redhill Power Station at night

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