Friday, November 23, 2012

Bugger, Blast and "%@£&*!"$%&$@

After an uncomfortable and relatively painful evening on Tuesday and having turned down a visit to A&E, I changed my mind. With the persuasion of a qualified friend on Facebook and ragging from family, Andrew did a u-turn on the canal (lucky for me there was a turning hole, correct term: winding hole, close by) Andrew set course for Paddington Basin. St Mary's hospital overlooks the basin and I had happened to see an A&E sign while we were there. Also checked on internet to be absolutely certain. We made good time and at 9:45 am, I had filled in my form and was sitting in the waiting room. Quick chat with the triage nurse and I was off to x-ray. Back to waiting room and then the bad news. I had fractured the radius (larger long bone in forearm) right by the wrist. They had to cut off my wedding rings (not good) and then slap on a'back slab' plaster. This is plaster along the top of the forearm, to keep wrist relatively immobile but allows for swelling, which it did even more.All done and completed and I was back at the boat by 11:15am. I now have an appointment for 28th for the more permanent wrapper, which I have been told will be fibreglass.

In the meantime we have re-turned to our move north. We do not move that fast so I will still be just a short train ride from London. Andrew though is now doing all the work himself. I think that secretly he is really enjoying it, I just feel like an unnecessary spare part (idiot), maybe I can sit back and relax for the remainder of this year (which has not yet started by the way)

Even photography is difficult, I can't use my left hand to change the zoom! I have discovered though that because the lens has a ridged rubber surface, I can use my plaster to move it. Just takes a bit longer to get the right distance. I have at least managed a number of shots of Andrew locking for a change! Only because I let him mind you, although he does have an excuse now, it is a bit difficult for me to wind paddles one handed. In some cases I had to use more than just arm power!

And to finish off. a picture taken today at 3:20pm!


  1. Hi
    Welcome to the world of living aboard and firstly hope that arm gets better real soon.
    At the moment we are concidering a trip back into London and am wondering if the basin was full at the pontoons near the end.
    Also with regards to your delivery problem the post restant system works for stuff that is not extra large. Are you aware of Ikea near canal at Fenny Sratford lock for your storage units. Many shops just 10 mins walk inc Tesco(2 floors) and BQ ++++++
    Hope I`m not telling you things you already know but it`s the way we all learnt at the beginning.

  2. PS
    The washing machine is an easy fix with push fit parts at any of the large plumbing stores.Link to my pipework.
    Just joins the Hot/cold sink or shower pipes.