Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stopped again !

Once more the winter stoppages have caught us out.  When we originally planned on leaving Loughborough we did not worry about the closure of Woodend Lock on the Trent & Mersey, as we expected to be past here before the closure.  In typical manner we set off without checking again, you would have thought that we had learnt our lesson by now !  It must be that you just cannot teach an old dog new tricks. The lock was closed on Monday and will remain so for another 9 days until the 8th March.

We have decided to stay put on the 14 day moorings above Shadehouse Lock.  We did look at going back two locks, in reverse again (what a sight that would have been) and take the long way around via the Coventry and Birmingham and Fazeley Canals. Further investigation, we did check first this time, has shown that this will not be possible either, until after the 8th March. We are pretty much locked in to the area we are in, with stoppages on all the escape routes until the 8th.  We then contemplated the reverse 2 locks and go back the way we came and take a trip up the Erewash Canal. This though means once again going through the large locks that I definitely do not like and not only once but twice. So for me it means staying here. Andrew is currently sticking with my wishes.

The only other issue now is that we WILL run out of groceries in the next few days. It looks like this is going to be my first try at getting groceries delivered or otherwise catching a taxi as I cannot find any bus routes close by. Hopefully delivery will be successful and that will resolve the food issue.

For now though the sun is ACTUALLY SHINING and we shall just have to enjoy some enforced lazy days again. Although this gives me an opportunity to get the next teddy bear bits cut out and ready for assembly. Especially as the first one is almost done, he just needs some ears, eyes and a nose.

Some pics from Fradley Pond.  With the sunny weather I might be able to go back and get some better ones now :)

 A chilly Chaffich

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