Monday, February 25, 2013

The Grand Tour 2013 - UK Inland Waterways

A few days ago we finally escaped the clutches of floods, friends and facilities of Loughborough and hopefully very soon, winter too.

We are now happy with the interior renovations. The exterior needs a bit of a spit and polish and after removing a fair bit of blacking (underside protection) by using said craft as an icebreaker, the underside could do with a new coat. Not quite sure when we might get around to that though!

Part 2 though, of the Grand Tour, has now commenced. Yippee.

I have been overjoyed at being able to manhandle lock paddles and gates (with help on the odd occasion) now that my wrist is now 99% functional. Now just to get back the necessary muscles to make the locking job a bit easier. Having being forced to steer when my wrist was in a cast though means that we can now share the locking, as I have gained a bit of confidence. I will now let Andrew do his share of locking but NOT when it comes to the big nasty deep locks. For those I would rather be on land than water :-O

We are now above the River Trent at Alrewas and, having past the river sections, we are taking a slow day.  This time I took my camera into Alrewas village but unfortunately the one picture that I was hoping to get was no longer available. Now that the pheasant season is over, there were no pheasant hanging out back at the butchers. I knew I should have taken a photo with my phone when I had the chance, damn.  Anyway some pics taken on the walk today. The weather is still bloody cold so we did not walk around for long. The wind is bitter but I am hoping to take another walk towards the river later this evening.
 Pheasant in a field by Branston Lock

White House Cottage - Alrewas

The 'straight' walls always amuse me

Shakespeare Cottage - Alrewas

The butchers hooks out back, but no pheasant this time

and the front entrance

A plethora of chimneys

Andrew enjoying the walk :-)

Beautiful selection of snowdrops, daffodils and crocus in the cemetery at the Parish Church of the All Saints

PS. Never made the evening walk as the day just got colder and colder and windy, so did not feel like venturing out.

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