Monday, March 18, 2013

I Got One :D

After a short (half an hour) chat with Robyn on Skype this morning, we upped pins again as it was such a lovely morning, we just had to cruise.

The Shroppie is just beautiful in this sunny weather and it seems that the birds are enjoying it too.  So much more to see while the trees are still bare.

We were delighted to see at least 10 kingfishers along the way today and I attempted once more to get a really nice picture of one.  They are fairly skittish and some seemed to keep to the shady side of the canal but I was finally in luck. A beautiful male sitting nicely in the sun and not flitting away before I could capture it. So here he is:

Tonight we are stopped in Gnosall, the same place we will be back at over Easter for the boaters banter.  So a bit of provisions shopping in the morning and then we shall carry on for a few days before turning and coming back.

Today's graphic of our short trip

Total distance:10.19 miles Elapsed time:4h28m46s Locks:1 Bridges:22
Average speed:2.28 mph (2.50 lock/mph)

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