Saturday, March 9, 2013

On the 'Road' again

Yippee, we have moved again - details according to Water Explorer

Total distance:9.59 miles Elapsed time:4h 49m 54s Locks:1 Bridges:28
Average speed:1.99 mph (2.19 lock/mph)

It is really cool, I have GPSLogger installed on my phone and it takes a gps reading every minute and emails the gpx file up to the website very hour, although it is a cumulative file, so I might be changing to just upload the last one when I switch the logging off.  It then gives us a great little image of our journey.

I am also hoping that I might be able to use the gps info to tag my photos. I just need to read up a bit more about it on the web .

It is good to be on the move again but I will miss getting a great photo of the buzzards around Fradley Junction.  I am sure there will be more opportunities for photos in another spot though. This was the best I got on one of the 2 sort of sunny days we had.

We managed to get a bit of spring cleaning in over the past 10 days but only things that did not require water. I have to say though that I am quite surprised to find that we did not run out of water in just over 12 days but we were careful with what we had once we realised a refill was over a week away.  With things pretty much back to normal, all we need now is a nice WARM sunny day and the outside will get a good clean. She is looking a  bit mucky :(

I managed to get my first UK bear finished and the next one all cut out and ready for those rainy days when we will not be moving.

Pattern name was Oscar, but I think that I might call him Ollie

The weather is supposed to get very cool again with snow forecast, yet again, after we have just had 3 days of cold misty and rainy days, following 2 lovely fairly sunny and fairly warm days. Well it did get to over 6degrees on those days :)
But we have seen some signs of spring today, plus a couple of the more common birds we see.

 Pity about the big blue numbers

I must admit that over the past few days of ghastly weather, I was wondering where my common sense was when I thought that coming over to the UK to live was a good idea. I can see now why so many English people leave for sunnier spots :)

Andrew made the comment today that it could almost have been summer, we saw more boats on the move today than we have seen over the whole of winter.  It does seem that the boating 'season' starts on the 1st March, so I guess that is not surprising.

We passed nb No Problem going in the opposite direction to us and nb Uccello, whose blogs we have been following. Both of them moored up in Rugeley.

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