Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Wonderful Week - Starting out at Lymm

We have been out of range of all signals but we have not been worried :)  We have spent a blissful 5 days on the Weaver Navigation with good friends.  TV's and mobiles have not been switched on or even looked at.  So now that we are back on the canals it is time to catch you all up on what we have been up to :D

We made our way to Lymm, last sunday I think, 'cos the butchers was closed :D

We wondered around this little village and spied these

Stocks and Market Cross

Andrew would not pose in them but I think it might be that he was concerned that I might leave him there, or throw rotten tomatoes, I am not sure which :D 

We also wondered up to the Lymm Reservoir where someone was feeding the ducks !

but the gulls wanted a look in :D

It was obviously too early on a sunday or the shop owners also take sunday off but with no shops to browse through we were soon on our way.

Swan attacking it's reflection in an appropriately named boat

Camoflage boat :)
We had hoped to stop at Midland Chandlers in Preston Brooke as Andrew is planning an engine service but even though we got there at 3:30pm they were closed. Turns out they do not work on a sunday either.  The rain was starting again by this time so we made our way through Preston Brook tunnel hoping to get to the Anderton Lift Bridge and meet up with Dave & Ange and Blanche on the Weaver.  By the time we got to Dutton Hollow, the site of the canal breach which dumped rather a lot of water, soil, trees and bushes on a farmers land, it was tipping down and Andrew decided to moor up.  Interesting to note that there was a canal breach at Marston, just a ? miles down the canal from Dutton Hollow, in 1907 and the canal was back in use in just 18 days !  In comparison to the 8 months in 2012 - 2013 !  but I guess it was not on a steep embankment.

As the rain was easing off Andrew spied these mink on the opposite side of the canal. I was a bit slow and was not able to get a decent picture, plus they are pretty quick little buggers.

and now that the trees have been 'removed' there is now quite a lovely view

a small bit of the view with a viaduct in the distance
This is all for now, I shall continue with the trip down the Anderton Boat Lift and the Weaver Navigation in the next post :)

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