Saturday, August 3, 2013

Not A Lot To Report

But we have travelled a fair distance since the last blog, almost 40 miles :) 21 of them today !

We survived the Wigan Flight, 21 locks taking us down 214' 7".  There was quite a view from the canal leading to the top lock of the flight but no pictures as it was not really photogenic.  At the top of the flight, getting there at 8am !! we found another boat about to cast off and make their way down too.  Turns out they had just picked up their new boat 2 days before and had waited the previous day in the hopes of someone going down.  They were about to go-it-alone and were delighted to see us cruising up.  They had only done 8 days of hiring prior to this :O  So while Andrew did 6 hours of training and me just a quick 15minutes on locking, they did manage but the boat has a fair few scrapes and is not looking so shiny boat any more :P

Half way down the flight, we came across a C&RT maintenance boat in a lock, top gates open and no one in sight.  Turns out the two 'workers' were sitting inside.  I approached and asked what was up as we wanted to go down the lock.   'Oh engine problems' was the reply, 'waiting on an engineer to come and have a look'.  'We will just go down the lock and get it sorted at the next lock'.  At which point they proceeded to turn on the engine and descend the next 9 locks ahead of us!! Mooring up in the pound above the bottom lock right next to some large overhanging trees on the off side with very little room to pass and back in the wheelhouse sitting.  I really wonder at times what these chaps are paid for, as it seems that these 2 were probably paid a full days work to take a tug down 9 locks.  Maybe they were checking that everything was working ok :P

Never mind we made it in 5 hours, so not too bad even with turning a whole bunch of locks.  And no photos as I was busy locking and Andrew was busy talking :)  Plus it was quite boring.

I must say that since we have left East Marton, the scenery on the Leeds & Liverpool has not been as pleasant as before, but as Andrew says that having come around the way we did we have been a bit spoilt for scenery and therefore do not enjoy the current views as much as we might have going in the opposite direction.  Anyway, as a result there have not been as many pictures of the views.

But there are some from today as we have bypassed the outskirts of Manchester.
'Artwork' ? using old lock gates at Pennington Flash Country Park

Old Colliery Head at Astley Green
Around Worsley, the canal water has the same ochre colour as there is at Harecastle tunnel.  The water is 'stained' by the leaching of the ironstone in the ground around here. 

Worsley itself looked quite interesting but we need to leave some exploration for when we return this way sometime in the future as we will definitely complete the remainder of the Leeds and Liverpool and also the Lancaster Canal.

The canal here continued into the mines here and was used to bring the ore to the surface

Worsley Dry Docks, said to be the oldest on the waterways
The boats used for the mines were built and maintained here.

And onwards we cruised, towards Barton Swing Aqueduct crossing the Manchester Ship Canal

Approaching the aqueduct

Control Tower for both bridges and the Ship Canal

Ship Canal looking towards Manchester

Looking back
And then through Sale where the canal was dead straight the whole way through town
The Kings Ransom Pub - not the best view of the building :(

Sale Cruising Club - boats forever !!

The only other things of interest along the canal has been the variety of water lily that we have seen.  Plus there was also Trafford Center, a huge shopping center which we did not stop for, but on passing I saw they had a Legoland there!

There were these along with the usual yellow ones and some new smaller yellow ones that I di not get a good photo of.

And some new butterflies :)  the Peacock butterfly

So after another long day, Andrew has already gone to bed and I am about to follow him :)

Sleep well everyone, Night ;)

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