Monday, September 16, 2013

Stopping over in Gnosall

Monday 16th September

We arrived in Gnosall this morning after a short 2 mile journey from Norbury Junction.  The internet here for now is holding but not on my smartphone on 3!

Anyway at least we have something, so after a short chat with Jody this morning, my train tickets are all booked and paid for.  So Andrew gets to have a bit of a break from my company for 5 days as I will leave on Wednesday morning and return on Monday afternoon.  Well I was not going all that way and not stop for a few days with my brother was I Tongue Plus also going up a day early gives me a chance to get some pointers from Jody, as it has been quite while now since I last interviewed for a job Big Grin and never for one in the UK !

This way I also get to see their new house and maybe give a hand with sorting out boxes or cupboards while I am there over the weekend.  You never know I might even make it to a hairdresser and have a bit of a trim and colour Big Grin

In the meantime Andrew has booked his daily seat at the Navigation Inn and will look after the necessaries on the boat until I get back.

So there will not be any blog from me until next week, maybe Andrew might decide to give it a go, but then maybe not Laughing

Take care everyone, till next time, cheerio Wave  

To finish off some pictures from the last week which I have not put up yet
The Shot Tower - outside Chester: Tue 10th Sep

Audlem flight - Thu 12th Sep
 and finally
Tonight's moon seen outside our front window

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