Sunday, October 27, 2013

Anticipation and it's downfall

So it has been a while since I last let you all in on what we are doing, actually it has been close on 2 weeks. So yet another catch up is on the cards.

I last left you at the top off the Oxford Canal viewing all from the summit pound.

We have naturally moved on as winter maintenance of a number of locks between us and our possible destination starts on the 4th November. We need to be on the right side of a lock or two to ensure that we can be in the 'desired' place when this occurs. For some of these locks, the stoppage is for a full 5 months, for others 2 months to just 2 weeks. Anyway, suffice it to say, if we are on the wrong side on the 4th November we will not be able to get to possible interviews and the like without some serious travelling issues.

So as you might have gathered, the greatly anticipated job offer was not to be. A real bugger really, as it had us on tenterhooks for 4 weeks! I was disappointed and annoyed, after multiple phone calls, some late at night, tests and a final interview in Reading last week, involving more travel costs. It also means that I have to start this process all over again and that we are still not able to make any definite plans for winter. Trying to sort out stoppages and how we are going to manage, makes for more worry on my part. I think that maybe Andrew hides it better than I do. But not to worry to much family, we still have a number of weeks to go before we start going hungry :D

So while all this job finding stuff has been going on behind the scenes, we have still been making our way south. The weather has been on and off, with some lovely autumn days of sun and colour and other days of cold and wet winds. We have tackled long days and lots of locks. Suffered some selfish boaters along the way and some very pleasant. I guess it is a lot like driving, you get some real buggers on the roads too. :D

I have taken some photo's but spent most of my time either locking or just enjoying the fresh air. As Andrew commented one day, 'we have had a fair share of fresh air over this past year'.

A Bright Spot



Kite, but not the paper kind :)

and another

Clifton Hampden Bridge

and another Kite

Ooohh, a Heron

Shillingford Court

More winter colour

We are now holed up just below Goring Lock. A severe weather warning has been issued for tonight and tomorrow morning, with wind gusts up to 80 mph for the south and south west coasts and here inland the weather man says about 40 to 60 mph. We are reasonably protected here surrounded by hills and high trees, but trees far enough away that if they do break, they won't reach us. There is also the rain to contend with but Andrew assures me that we will be fine and that even if the river should rise we will be fine, the ropes will be secure enough but not to tight :)
Once the weather settles we will move on to Reading and the Kennet and Avon Canal, where we will join the hundreds of other Continuous Moorers, or so the stories say. We will see and report :)

In the meantime, wish us luck on finding jobs so that we may continue to support ourselves :D

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