Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pushing on South

We touched down at Braunston for a couple of days as there was a Skype interview to attend :) We had a reasonable internet connection just by bridge 89. nb Islonian was also in the immediate vicinity of Braunston, so we made a plan to meet up later in the evening on Wednesday. But the weather turned on us and from a stunning early morning it turned into a very chilly and damp night. Andrew and I weren't quite sure where the pub was, the interior of the boat was lovely and warm and the outside very cold. Laziness had set in so we postponed the visit to the next day.  

Early morning on the North Oxford - heading into Braunston

More around Braunston

A touch of sun

Early morning on the farm

and more

On Thursday morning we walked around the towpath to visit with Jim and Sheila on Islonian. After another long catchup we made our farewells. In the morning we were heading in the opposite directions. I am sure though that we will meet up again :)
The interview in the evening went well, from my perspective but as yet, still no end in sight. Another interview to be arranged, this one to be a face to face! We are getting to the point of first offer is going to be the one.

Friday morning saw us turning in to Braunston Marina to get a pump out, only to see that Islonian had the same idea and had beaten us to the spot. We moored alongside while they completed their tasks, having yet another chat. So goodbyes once again and Islonian left to continue their journey to their winter moorings.
Islonian on their way down the Grand union from Braunston Marina

Once we had done with the services, Andrew made a wonderful reverse out of the marina, executed a marvelous reverse turn and then we were on our way to Oxford.
We made our way as far as Napton-on-the-Hill and moored up in the visitor moorings there. The weather had been very iffy and I was not to keen on tackling the 9 locks in the rain.  The only issue was that the visitor moorings at the bottom of the Napton flight have no internet signal and NO phone either. So a quiet afternoon was had :D

Today we have put the locks behind us and stopped on the summit pound of the South Oxford canal. There is a lovely view across the farms, but no pictures, as each time the sun came out it vanished again before I could get outside with my camera. We did however watch a 'hunt' in progress. I wish it had been closer so that I could get some photos, it was quite a sight. By the time I had watched them with the binoculars, I had given myself seasickness !!! Sick How the hell I managed that I do not know.

Anyway, the evening has given over to the rain and we are sitting here watching tv listening to the rain on the roof. We on the other hand are cosy and warm with the fire going softly in the corner.
And just to finish off, some pictures that I took last week and did not add into the blogs !!
Mandarin - male  Seen outside Tamworth

and the female
Getting ready for winter

Bridge in the Atherstone Flight

Andrew's attempt at a Monet

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