Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It Must Be Time Again...For An Update

Once more I have been very lax in keeping family and friends up to date with what we are up to. (Hand smack taken)

We made it safely through the great storm that never was for some.  We on the other hand were battered around a bit but only for a few hours. We had selected our spot well and were protected from the worst of the winds. Leaving our spot a couple of days later we saw just how bad it had been in some spots with trees down all over.

We have made our way on to the Kennet and Avon and have basically ground to a halt not far out of Reading. Theale has both a bus and train service into Reading and a co-op for food supplies, convenient for us. Water and pump out is just a lock and swing bridge away. A bloody tough swing bridge though, Andrew had to tie the boat up and help me with both opening and closing the bridge. That one lock and bridge are not on this years maintenance stoppages so we are happy about that. We have a couple of spots in which to moor and only a few other boats sharing those spots, so plenty for all.  No problems with continuous moorers around this end of the canal it would seem.

Tomorrow we shall venture a little bit further as we have need of more bags of coal. So to Aldermaston Wharf it is.

Our other news is that the job offers are just not flowing in, actually considering the number of jobs I have been applying for they have been dramatically non-existent. It really is quiet depressing. This is one of the reasons for remaining as close to Reading as possible without being smack bang in the middle of town. Mid town was not so great for the sun, when it shines. So being a bit further out we get the batteries well charged when the sun is out, which I must admit has only been for a few days here and there but at least it helps keep down the diesel consumption.

In hind-sight we wished that we had stayed further up north where we have more boating friends, as it is getting quiet lonely here. We are running out of conversation between us, especially as we are not on the move every other day.

So looking forward to tomorrow and some new views for a day before we move back down to Theale. Andrew has struck up a bit of a morning friendship with the lady from the house by the Theale swing bridge, but this all takes place before I even get up as she is an early morning walker and I would rather be tucked up in bed.

Andrew has been 'forcing' me to go out for a daily walk, just to stretch out the muscles and stop the onset of cabin fever :D 

Other than that i am keeping myself busy, reading, playing games on my tablet, knitting, watching tv, applying for jobs every morning (except saturday and sunday) and enlarging the number of people on my family tree. The tree is coming along nicely with the discovery of the marriage certificate of my dutch great grandfather. It has only taken me 10 odd years to get there, but that is what happens when you only rely on internet sites for information. Next on the list is the Swiss / Italian side, which is even more difficult to come by. 

So that is enough of the boring stuff, Andrew is fine and most of the time so am I. one day the phone will ring and that dreaded job will be offered.  I have to say I am not looking forward to being back in an office, but it is too late to teach and old 'dog' new tricks, so there will be no re-training for me.  One day someone will see that I am the person that they really need and want to work for them. Then life will take a different turn again.

Well I have been advised that dinner is ready, so I am off to partake of some sustenance.

Cheerio everyone, until next time :D


  1. Good to hear you are OK, even if disappointed on the job front. Let me know if you travel further west on the K&A and I'll pop up to see you.

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  3. Hi Sandra, Thanks for the info. I have sent an email off to Marilyn. Michele.

  4. Hi again Sandra. I have removed your comment off the blog as it contained an email address. Just thought that I would let you know. Michele