Friday, February 21, 2014

Notes from Andover

Sorry this is so late. I wrote it a few weeks ago but had not taken the photo's and there always seemed to be something else to do.  But here it finally is, better late than never in this case.....

Well I gather that it is time for another update for us world wanderers (well at least some of it).
We are not wandering anymore unfortunately. As I am sure that I have mentioned before, we are now both gainfully employed, but as yet still to receive that welcome deposit into the bank account. Until then we are still in scrooge mode.

So these are our current living conditions:

Camping out at home

TV though was first on the list :)

Under there is an airbed

waiting on the arrival of new furniture. Still another 2-3 weeks to go and then it will feel a bit more homely and we can then have friends around to visit. That is assuming that anyone would like to visit us and not saying that people cannot visit right now, they would just have to sit and sleep on the floor??  The flat is in Andover, just a few minutes walk from my work. Andrew has just a 25 minute drive to Winchester, although once his office move to Basingstoke finally goes ahead, it might be a bit longer but hopefully not too much. The flat is warm, comfortable and roomy!! Will be even more comfortable once the settee arrives. Surprisingly the airbed, which we are currently using, is proving to be very comfortable. I hope that the new bed will live up to expectations, I would hate to have to relegate it to the spare bedroom :(

Once we have more spare cash, our plans are to do lots of weekend sightseeing, as best we can, plus some friendly visits of our own :) It has been a while since we were up north and although we will not be able to make a pie night at the Soar Inn, I am sure that we can manage a Saturday night or possibly even a Sunday brunch.

Our other 'home from home' aka The Boat aka nb Ashdown, is still riding out the rise and fall of the Kennet and Avon at Theale. With the delays in lock maintenance caused by the wet weather, we have not been able to move her into a marina yet. We have 2 weekends available until the delayed Aldermaston close but unless this rain stops, it does not look like a happening thing. She is though, perfectly safe where she is and there are other boaters keeping an eye on her for us. What is is to have great friendly neighbours :)

We are both however undergoing serious withdrawal symptoms. It is very hard sitting in an office looking out the window, knowing that you would rather be somewhere else. Also boredom is setting in, at least on the boat there were various activities which could be undertaken to relieve that boredom but in an office the range of activities is severely restricted, especially when you know that ALL of your internet browsing is monitored! I guess as I get more up to speed with the new applications, my quiet time will be limited but at least then the days will fly :)

The camera for now has been relegated to the cupboard but I shall have to retrieve it soon and get back into the swing of it all. There will be less of the nature pics but I would hope that they will still be interesting, to some at least :)

We spent a lot of time over Christmas at my brothers house, which was a good thing, as we could not move the boat because of the high water. Our water tank was getting rather low and the black water rather full! Not having to worry about all that was rather nice and the extra company was most enjoyable (thanks Jody and Gina for putting up with us) Every time we go back to visit now feels like yet another home coming :)
So there we are, living in Andover, working for our living and making a bit on the side for the fun things in life.

Next project is to find a safe home for nb Ashdown that is reasonably close, so that we can spend weekends still playing on the water.

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  1. Oh, goodness.... I'm dreading going back to work! We don't even have a view out the window at the office. All the best with this new phase of life for you. Our cruising will be over too in just a couple of months.
    Elly on nb Parisien Star