Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Break - Day #1 (Updated with pictures :))

It is a sad story, our blogs have been reduced to these now :-( and I will actually count the days.
I feel a bit like a boater on a mission. Well we are . Gone are the days when we might wake up and say, 'Couldn't be bothered to move today, let us stay where we are. Or we will see how things go and move later'.  Now it is all about moving as far as we can each day. It sort of reminds me of hiring. Not that those were bad days if we had not done that we would not be here today :-D
So 9hrs and 5mins on the first day, and 30.4 miles. It is on the river mind you. Not bad. But we slept really well. Must be the sudden rush of sun and fresh air. We left Reading just on 8am and eventually stopped at Abingdon. Andrew would quite happily have carried on but he was on dinner duties and you cannot steer the boat and make dinner at the same time.
Any photos will be added later as I  did not bring the laptop, so I cannot upload them now.
I don't think we will be doing quite the same distances once we are on the canal!
It does seem quite odd though. We have had a day of really doing nothing at all. Sitting (or standing for Andrew) drinking tea (coffee for Andrew) while Andrew (and occasionally me) steers the boat up river and through the odd lock now and then. What a wonderful life. Might need to try this on a more permanent basis sometime in the future (again) ha, ha.
We will be off soon, gone are those 10am starts :-(,  for now at least. So cheers for now.

You may notice that I have found some other things to play with in my photo editor :)

Leaving Thames and Kennet Marina

Looking Back

Another marina inhabitant
Thatch in need of repair
On closer inspection - what happens when the chicks hatch? How will they get back to the nest ?

Egyptian Goose and chicks

Canadian Goose

Greylag Geese and chicks

Passing Pangbourne

Shillingford Bridge ?

Others out enjoying the day

Spring colour

Spring colour 2

More chicks :)

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