Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend - Day #3

Some early morning risers had Andrew up early himself. 3 boats before 7:30am when he appeared with my morning wakeup cuppa. Once again we were off just after 8 am ourselves. Copredy on our radar. Each day has been cooler than the day before. Today was decidedly chilly and a touch wetter. Luckily for us the rain waited until we had reached our destination at 5pm. Since then even the ducks were sheltering.

There have been a number of boats on the move today, lots more than the past two. We even saw Timothy West and Prunella Scales aboard their own boat heading in the opposite direction. Andrew naturally yelled out that he really enjoyed watching their canal journey program that aired a few weeks ago on More4.

We had more entertainment when I tried to close the bottom gate at Somerton Deep. It was replaced in the winter maintenance program, I had difficulty closing it before, now it was impossible. I could only manage a few inches and Andrew had to climb up the ladder to help out. I have filed a note to self for future reference,  next time I drive and Andrew locks. My problem is I do not like being in the bottom of such a deep lock :-(

Banbury was so quiet, it was quite eerie. Only 3 boats on the 48 hr moorings in town, yet Coprexdy was absolutely packed, with not a single spare mooring :-( not sure what was going on here. Maybe no onereally wantz to be i banbury unless the shopping mall is open ?

Well the boat is now booked in to Copredy for the week and we just need to find a way to get in to Banbury to catch the train back to Reading and pick up the car. So another day of travelling tomorrow, but not quite as much fun :-(

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