Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend - Day #2 (Updated with pictures)

Another early start today. We left Abingdon at around 8am. It was a beautiful peaceful morning. Just a couple of other boats on the move. We are making good time, reaching Lower Heyford this evening. Stopping at around 6:30pm. Just over 10 hrs today. The face is feeling a bit wind-burnt but still I have enjoyed the day. I have not forgotten how to do a lock, although it has been a while, we still know what we are doing. Luckily :-)
We have slowed up a bit now on the canal. First hold up was at the end of Dukes Cut. 2 boats trying to get up the lock were not able to get in as there was something under the water surface preventing the gate from fully opening. They were slightly wider than the normal 6' 10"  but as 2 hire boats got down and out we decided to try our luck. We made it and were just by the lift bridge when C&RT arrived, so hopefully the others got through too.
Passing through Thrupp, we said a very quick 'Hi' and 'Bye' to Maffi, who was doing his usual wonderful job of opening the lift bridge for all the water travellers. I wish we could have stopped to chat but spare time was not something we have much of now. Maybe we will go and visit by car one weekend :-D
After 5 months I must be getting soft ! I have only done 8 locks today (and Andrew 1) and I am feeling every muscle and my feet are sore :-(  Although we did not do such long days when we were living aboard. We were never in a hurry to get anywhere!

Looking backward out the hatch at our mooring in Abingdon

Historical rowing skiff - one of 4 that past us by

Followed by this launch :)
Abingdon Lock - early morning self service

Andrew well wrapped up - not nice and sunny like the day before

Walkway over the weir at Isis Lock

Isis Lock


Abingdon Rd Bridge

The Old Railway Bridge, Oxford

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