Sunday, April 27, 2014

Just A Little Bit……of a cruise

Sun 6th April

Last weekend we took the opportunity for a short cruise, whee hee.  The weather was not the best but as we can no longer choose the weather we cruise in and we were aboard, the waterway was finally clear and navigable to Tyle Mill, we needed to refill the water and pump out the loo (which has been waiting since Christmas no less !!!!). We gaily untied, revved the engine and made our way a whole mile upstream.  Oh, what we have been missing !  We both enjoyed being back on board and moving, even with the wind and light rain in our faces.
Looking back to Theale from Tyle Mill services

Ashdown on the servces

And one of our chestnuts decided that it was time to sprout
nut hiding under a whole lot of leaves

and growing tall

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