Friday, October 12, 2012

An Educational Day

Today has definitely been a fun day and I have certainly learnt quite a few things, but again no photos as I was steering quite a bit, for me anyway and Andrew wouldn't pick up the camera :(

Firstly, NEVER assume that you can walk (20 minutes) into a shop in the UK and buy what you need or want. It seems in this day and age of the internet only the bare basics are readily available, everything else can be ordered in for the next day, or preferably order it online for pickup in the next 2 days or so.  Not the best option when on a narrowboat and only in the vicinity for a couple of hours. Now we need to work out what we want, where we will be in the next few days, check that the store we want is in walking distance and then place an order for pickup.....not really an option that I am happy with.

Secondly, I am very, very unfit. After the 2 hour walk !! I was so tired that I couldn't even be bothered (read 'bovered' for the UK accent) to cross a busy road to Burger King for a burger that I really wanted !

Thirdly, also never assume that you are going to find a mooring in the spot you want !! everyone else seems to have the same idea as you !

Not to be put off though, the fitness will come, years of sitting at a desk 8 hours a day will eventually wear off.

I definitely saw a turtle in the canal today, not soon enough to get a photo or for Andrew to see, so you will all just have to believe me. It was at least 8 inches long, sunning itself on a branch out of the water until we cruised by, at which point it slipped into the water and out of sight.

We also passed the boatyard where our boat was originally built, Midland Canal Centre, Stenson Boats, close by to Stenson lock, funnily enough :)

The last part of our day, was spent on a rising River Trent between Wychnor Lock and Alrewas Lock. A very strong flow, thank goodness at that point Andrew was steering and ENJOYING it, I was holding on tight and trying to sound unconcerned. No photos I'm afraid cos the sun had already set, catching us a bit on the trot.

We have arrived safely though and found a spot eventually in Alrewas. Now for dinner and resting of feet !


  1. Michele, I can confirm that what you saw was probably a terrapin, and more than likely a red eared terrapin, a species which is not native to the UK. It is an alien species which is becoming invasive.

  2. Colin is spot on. We have them on the canals and rivers up in Yorkshire. They seem to cope quite well with even the coldest of weather. The largest we have seen was about a foot in length. I understand that they have a big bite and its best to keep clear.