Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring ?! Someone is kidding me

Officially it is now Spring in the UK but someone forgot to tell the person/people responsible for the weather.  Supposedly this time last year the temperature was at least 10 degrees higher than what we are getting now.  Since our few lovely days much earlier in the week it has steadily got colder.  We popped off to the Talbot in Market Drayton this evening for dinner and I can honestly say that it is positively freezing outside and now blowing a gale. The forecast is not set to improve much either,
at least we will be cozy inside, so no problems there.  Just won't be a lot of movement up or down the canal if things are too cold.  For now the only plan is to be back in Gnosall for the Easter Banter next thursday, so plenty of days to get there.

Again I have a set of images of another gorgeous UK bird.  The Mandarin is a duck that is quite beautiful and these ones came over for a visit and were happy to pose. The female was a bit shy though.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Are you using a camera and if so what model? We were up the same way this time last year and spring was gorgeous. Today though the weather is more like spring in Alaska! Stay warm and dry,
    Jaq and Les

    1. Hi Jaqueline, Yes I use a normal camera. I have a canon 7D and use either the 18-135mm or the 100-400mm lens. For the Mandarin's, they were so close to the side of the boat that I was able to use the 18-135mm lens and I was taking the photos out of the side hatch.
      I must say that I could do without the Alaskan summer :)