Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Night in Coventry

Now I know the meaning of the term 'sent to Coventry' :)  There are NO other boats here in the basin. We are all alone.  It seems such a pity that more boats do not seem to want to stay in the basin.  We past at least 4 boats on our way in to Coventry from Hawkesbury Junction and one arrived not long after us but just turned around and left again.  I wonder if it was the look of our boat? 

But first to this morning.  I was able to take a bit of time to get some 'pretty flower' pictures.  The woods near to our moorings had lots of lovely bluebells. It would have been an aweful lot nicer of they were not felling trees in there, but then again it did sat the woods were private property. But I got what I could.

and along the towpath

and a fun one which I shall keep when feeling knackered or downright arsey :D

Back to Coventry :)

We wondered into town to have a look at the cathedrals, old and new.  We were not able to go into the old cathedral as it closed at 4pm and we only got there after 5.  Hopefully we might have a chance tomorrow to have another look.  Coventry town center though seems to be one huge big shopping mall.  Shopping heaven for me but a little bit boring for Andrew :)  Luckily for both of us the shops were all closed being a Sunday evening.  We did make our way down to Spon St though for a bit of a look at the restored medieval buildings.  Unfortunately taking decent pictures of them was not possible with all those cars and the ghastly plastic barriers.  It is also quite interesting to see the combination of old and semi-new buildings after the rebuild of large parts of the town center due to the blitz in November 1940.

Cropped so that you can see the stained glass that still remains

The still standing spire

the well known Lady Godiva

One of the medieval buildings on Spon St

Tomorrow I go in search again for the elusive special circular knitting needles as there are 2 possible places here in town.  Plus we need to restock the grocery cupboard.  Andrew saw a supermarket or something in town on our adventure but I missed it completely :)

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