Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The sun came out this afternoon - the lambs were loving it :)

We moved on to Braunston Junction today after we found out that an "Old Friend" was moored up there.  Just a short 7 miles and no locks, which was good as this morning was a bit overcast and chilly.  So I tried out some 'moody' photos but the clouds were not quite what I was looking for. I also need to use photoshop, rather than Faststone Image Viewer, so that I can mask some of the image and only edit the part that I want to.  But a first try anyway

We moored up at Braunston in a shocking spot but just so Andrew could go and spot "Old Friends".  That little excursion was unsuccessful but in the meantime the boat behind us left so we pulled back and re-moored. A short while later a text confirmed that Andrew had ventured off in the wrong direction, a further exploration revealed the elusive boat and a little while later contact was made when the skipper returned from elsewhere.  It was good to catch up again.  It has been almost 2 months ! :P  When Matty returned to his own boat there was a spot specially left for us, so we moved once again and are now moored nose to nose with "Old Friends".  While we have Matty on site and are in a  14 day mooring, Andrew plans to make full use of Matty's spare time to get a few things sorted which he has not managed to do on his own.  I am no use naturally when it comes to anything electronic or mechanical, unless it is a stove, camera or laptop :D  We have also been promised a lift to a 'proper' supermarket to stock up on the essentials, that is beer of course :))

Our mooring but the clouds are brewing :(
Mooring at Braunston

So this is now our view out the hatch in the lovely late afternoon sun.

This also shows a good example of the original 'ridge and furrow' landscape resulting from the farming practises of the middle ages.  A family owned a strip, or ridge, which was continuously ploughed in the same direction each year, creating a raised ridge and the resulting furrow.

In playing with my photos this afternoon I realised that I had missed out some from our final day on the Thames between Kings Lock and Isis Lock.  So without any preamble here they are -

Flying Geese, not to be stuck on any wall

Goose Nursery on Port Meadow

And again

Thames between Port Meadow and Sheepwash Cutting

Turning into Sheepwash Cutting

Once we got back to Dukes Cut Lock we discovered that in the week and a half since we had come down this lock, someone had managed to damage the bottom gate (looks like it had been hit with some force) that the balance beam had broken.  So it had been cut short and a rope put in place to use instead to pull the gate open or closed.  Andrew volunteered to do the locking but I helped open the gate a bit with the front nose of the boat :)

Andrew closing the gate behind me
So here we are for another few days. Matty tells us that the forecast is to pour with rain tomorrow, so between the rain squalls I shall pop off to the local butcher and superette for the essential milk for my tea. :D and then settle down with TV, books and knitting :)

Ta ta for now everyone.  Enjoy and have fun.

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