Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ashby Canal

We made it to the current extent of the Ashby Canal early yesterday afternoon.  This is a lovely canal, especially the last 4 or 5 hours.  Some gorgeous landscape and beautiful woods.  It was quite serene and peaceful as the villages are few and far between and no major roads crossing the canal at all. 

We winded just before the terminus and snuck into a mooring as much out of the wind as possible.

Taken this evening. Yesterday there were 3 other boats here

This morning we decided that we would walk part of the old canal route, which is very close to being restored, to Illiot Wharf.  Not that we noticed any wharf anymore.  We then joined the road and walked into Measham.  The weather was windy but not to bad for a walk into town, even the odd shower did not put us off.  Measham was not quite the village that we expected.  No old buildings or any picturesque looking streets.  So no pictures taken as in really was quite ordinary.  So after our short look around, late breakfast and coffee, we headed back.

Our walk route

A bit of the view on our walk taken from what would be the canal route

Our intention was to start back to the Coventry Canal but with the weather turning very windy and rather wet the tiller master decided not to bother and we would stay here another night.  So snug by the fire we did our usual tv, tea and coffee, books, internet and knitting.  All in all, a very relaxing afternoon.  I needed it after the long walk this morning.  All 6 odd km's of it.

I was hoping for a decent sunset finally, seeing as I just cannot make sunrise :) but once again it was not to be.  But I did enjoy these little chaps who visit us a few times a day with mum watching them very carefully

A Heron visit too

and watching the swallows (try catching a picture of those on the wing !!!)  and as the evening falls, the bats come out to clear up the insects where the swallows left off.  Bloody cold outside but a great view from inside the warmth of the boat :D

A couple of views that I got before sunset:

Now don't you all work too hard.  Enjoy the quiet times  :))

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