Friday, June 21, 2013

and Back Once More to Macclesfield

Before heading down the Marple Flight, we are making our way back to Macclesfield.  It turns out that we double paid for our weeks mooring in the marina, so Andrew has ordered a lockable diesel cap for the boat.  We have been meaning to get one for a while, so the opportunity arose and Andrew has taken it.  We are now going back to pick it up :)  What's 2 day travel when you have no timetable :D

The weather started out pretty crap this morning as you can see

View out front

 Leaving Bugsworth Lower Basin
The plume of smoke turned out to be an umbrella that we picked up.  Took a while to clear it out, all those little bits of wire, metal and fabric !!
Outside the renovated Wharfinger's House
so the revisit of the orchids was not on the boards, the light was just not good enough.

On to the Whaley Bridge Junction where there is a huge Tesco's right by the canal, what a change that made. So nice not to have to cart the groceries for miles :)  and then on to Whaley Bridge for water fill.  There were no spare moorings so we did not stay to have a look around.

A purple Iris, not wild I don't think
 As the day progressed the weather has cleared, for a while, clouds came back but pretty clear again at the moment.
More views
The herons along the Upper Peak Forest don't seem to be at all scared of passing boats.  All herons though seem to know that a passing boat brings the fish out to feed, so they jump at the opportunity to feed themselves -

note the fish
So moored up just outside Higher Poynton, had a lovely dinner of slow roast pork belly and now hoping for a decent sunset :)

By the time we finally get to do the Marple Flight we will have completed 3/4's of the Macclesfield 3 times :P 

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