Friday, June 28, 2013

And so it happens again.....

We decided not to stay in Stalybridge for another night as Andrew did not get much sleep !  He spent the night worrying after a young 'adult' jumped on the back of the boat in the early evening.  Andrew grabbed the camera in hopes of getting a picture but he had scarpered back to the other side of the canal to join his 'mates'. When they saw the camera they all ran.  Andrew was concerned that they might come back while we were asleep.

So this was where we were:

Looking back

The Pearsons maps showed a few places where we could moor along the route, so we headed for the first one, stopping to refill the watertank on the way.

Well Pearsons steered us 'well wrong' ! It could be though that the water level might be a bit low but in all the places shown as mooring spots there were rocks just below the surface and in one of the spots there were reed beds all along the side.  So once more we ended up traveling far further than intended.  It did not help that not long after leaving Stalybridge the rain started and persisted for the remainder of the day.  I was not dressed for the weather at all !  Eventually, after the second stop was a no go I changed into winter gear and was much happier.

Andrew was volunteer lockie again for the day:


and the butterflies are lessening for me as I steer the boat into these deep locks.  Got caught out by a very strong side flow at the only lock where I had an audience (other than Andrew) as we met 2 boats coming down the other way.  I hit the side entrance with such force that a whole bunch of papers and knitting stuff had fallen on the floor as I saw later !  Well Andrew did tell me that boating was a contact sport, so he cannot complain :)  I think that he was rather enjoying doing the locks for a change, as I was enjoying doing the steering :)

Considering the amount of rain we were having and the very small number of boats that venture along this canal, it was surprising to find that some of the pounds between the locks were very low. Later as we finally reached decent moorings here in Uppermill, the boat just ahead of us mentioned that he had called out C&RT as he had grounded in one of the pounds. Lucky for us he was ahead of us making our trip slow but at least for us the pounds were navigable.

It really is very sad to see such beautiful scenery and not be able to stop anywhere to enjoy it.

These were taken between the raindrops :)

And some interesting bits along the way

Looks like a Mandarin/Mallard cross

Still trying to identify - again could possibly be deadnettle family

So today while the rain continues this has occurred

relighting of the fire AGAIN !!!  Not only to warm us up a bit but also to dry out the interior as the windows were covered in condensation, inside as well as outside.  It would be nice if the fire could dry the outside too ;)  The weather report has indicated that it will clear up later this evening and we should have a good warm and dry weekend :)

and on the last note, based on the amount of coffee beans we are going through (a packet a week) I would say that even though Andrew has not openly admitted that my insistence on buying a fancy coffee machine was a good idea, I am sure that inside he is rejoicing :D

another coffee to go :)
even if it does require the engine to be running for it to work, that is no problem as it is running most of the day anyway :)

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