Saturday, June 1, 2013

Not in too much of a mood to write...

but I have all these lovely photos taken over the past two days to share

Landscape on the way to Stone

Dragon at Aston Marina

I have absolutely no idea what duck this is - he seems to be some sort of heinz 57 variety

We stopped at the Wedgewood factory so that we could re-do the factory tour that Caro and I did back in 2006 but we were very disappointed (I should have checked before we went !)  The factory tours only run Mon - Thu. The museum now has to be paid for and the factory shop had a very, very small selection of jasper ware.

Swimming so fast that they almost run on the surface

A mixed bag family

Our additional passenger on the way in to Ham Heath

Turns out there was a festival being held in Etruria basin
 There were an abundance of gongoozlers around the top lock coming into Etruria because of the festival.  Unfortunately as I was doing the locking there are no photos (Andrew doesn't do cameras ! ).  Some wanted to help, other's just plain got in the way and I had to ask them to move.  One of them twice!  We did finally make it through them all though with no accidents.

Stoke - 2013
 Note the difference in 2006, although the land around the kilns has still not been developed. Across from them though is quite changed.  We were pleasantly surprised that a lot of the Caldon canal through Stoke has been developed along the offside. Far nicer than 2006.
Stoke - 2006
Playing with the bluebells again

They were all along the side of the canal just after leaving Stoke
We are now on the Caldon canal and I can confirm that it is now official.  The lowest bridge that we have now gone through is bridge no 9 on the Caldon Canal and we know because it took out our Omni aerial.  Luckily that is not the aerial that we actually rely on for our tv signal.

Have fun everyone, we are ;)

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