Monday, June 24, 2013

Not a Record Breaking Day

We picked up the new lockable diesel cap on Saturday afternoon and returned back to the same mooring we had left earlier that day.  A nice little spot.  I was a bit worried we would be woken by the Canadian Geese but although they were all around in the evening, the nesting area was a bit further away, thank goodness.  Sunday was spent in the same spot due to the high winds and rain that we woke up to :(

Mandarin duckling
Yup another Heron

Looking for lunch

No problem though as we had to wait until today to book our day for the Standedge Tunnel.  Andrew was a bit too late phoning in on Friday at 5:10pm.  So another call this morning and we are booked in for Monday week, 1st July.

Andrew 'admired' this boat each time we passed it - NOT :D

We moved on anyway this morning and descended the Marple Locks.  It ended up taking 4 hours! due to us unfortunately finding ourselves behind an elderly single hander.  Although I helped him on occasions, he had all the locks set in his favour as a boat had just ascended before us.  It still took him longer to enter the lock and open only one bottom paddle than it took us to re-set the lock for ourselves and descend !!  Somewhat frustrating for us and the 3 boats behind us but 'them is the breaks'.

Note added:  At the top of the flight there was a Dad and his 3 kids watching the boats at the lock.  The kids were having a great time and were quite enthusiastic about the boats going up and down the lock.  I suggested to Andrew that it might be nice to let them have a ride down the lock and see it from inside.  From the delighted squeals and rush to get on the boat, I gather the suggestion was accepted.  I think we have some future converts there.  It turns out they were from Cork and do not get to see many canal boats.
Waiting for the lock

and another one, with an old warehouse in the background.  now converted to offices with a rather nice view :)

Canalside house

One of the pounds between the locks.  You can just see a lock half hidden by trees.
Fancy looking fungus growing on a lock gate

We are now happily moored up just past the Marple Aqueduct after the last lock.  Andrew is cooking dinner, we are watching a Bond movie (no tv signal here) and I am putting up this blog.

Railway viaduct overlooking the Marple Aqueduct.  You can just see the River Goyt below.

Rose Hill Tunnel which had it's roof removed quite a while ago.

Life is sweet :D

So now we have another 6 days to complete the 12 miles to Standedge Tunnel, so more short trip days to come :)

And a final Happy Birthday to my Mum, 'cos I know she reads this blog.

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