Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chilling (literally) in Tewkesbury

This morning dawned beautiful, sunny and reasonably warm, according to Andrew. I only got up at 8:30. Just in time to believe him but 30 minutes later no sun to be seen.
We tootled on down the Severn River to Tewkesbury and the confluence of the river Avon and the Severn.

Mythe Bridge, Tewkesbury

Goodbye River Severn

River Severn continuing on to Gloucester

As signposted

I was keen to have a look around and decided that even though it was still relatively early in the day (11am) we should stay the night here.  Thank goodness I did. The weather turned colder and by mid-afternoon the rain had set in again.

Not the best mooring !
We did get a chance to wonder around the High Street and have a look at Tewkesbury Abbey, a rather lovely Norman church built in the early 1100's.
Tewkesbury Abbey

Tewkesbury Abbey

Norman built cottages
Tewkesbury town centre is rather pretty with its historical buildings very well preserved and looked after.  I did enjoy the walk around.

Interesting doorway

and another one

Tonight's mooring just above the Avon Lock.

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