Wednesday, April 10, 2013

On the Way to Recovery and Waterways Heading South

Just a short note, so that you all know that as yet we have not dropped over the edge of the canal.

The dreaded Gnosall Plague, as it was named by some of the Gnosall Easter conference attendees, is slowly releasing Andrew and I from it's clutches. Very slowly though. I have to say that neither Andrew or I have felt that ill with flu in a very long time. I spent a good 4 days in bed and even now a week later I still do not have enough energy to get through a full day of locking. Luckily I am happy enough to do some of the steering too. We are making our way south to visit with Jody and Gina over the May Bank holiday and according to canalplan that is still going to take another 12 days at 8 hours travel a day, but we still have 23 days before then.

On other matters, the washing machine and I have finally come to an understanding. Or that should be the washing machine has laid down it's working terms and I have agreed to abide by them.  It was either submit or lose my mind. I opted for keeping the mind together. So we are limited to one wash a day, although in hind sight probably a good thing as there is not a lot of hanging space on a clothes horse and even less space for clothes horse in a narrow boat.

The second teddy bear was completed at the beginning of Easter but as the weather warms up the third bear will take rather a lot longer.

And yes as mentioned, the weather is warming up. FINALLY.  According to AccuWeather on my phone we had 11degrees today.  No sun, although it did try hard to make an appearance.

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