Thursday, April 18, 2013

I need sleep...

For someone who requires almost absolute silence in order to be able to sleep, last night was a bit of a write off. Between the wind gusting all night and buffeting the boat around (I have an issue with seasickness and a rocking boat is no fun for me), the wind created waves breaking on the back of the boat (sleeping end)and then lapping upon the outside hull not inches from my head. Then there also seems to be the rudder moving about in the choppy water and squeaking, a sound carried throughout the boat by the hull itself and the side fenders, which are down on both sides, knocking on the hull in the movement of the water right by my head too.  All in all, as you can possibly tell I had virtually no sleep last night.  Another thing that adds to the sleeplessness is the dominant side of the brain convincing me that we are a boat and we can sink! Now on a canal that is not too much of an issue, a canal at it's deepest is probably only 4ft deep. A river though is another story all together! It makes for a bit of a stomach churning night on top of everything else.  I have no idea why my brain insists on worrying about this fact on rivers now. It did not concern me in 2010 when we cruised the Thames, so why now.  It seems that it does not matter how much I try to not worry, the brain will just not listen.

So hopefully this wind will blow itself out today and I will go to bed early to catch up on the sleep missed last night.

In the meantime, I have now decided to get some wool to knit myself a large shawl. I hate just sitting in front of tv every night with nothing to do.  the cross stitch that I have just does not quite enthrall me much and the last teddy will have to wait as I am a bit teddied out.  So with the fact that we will not be moving today, I will soon be off into town to purchase some wool.  I would have got it yesterday, only the shop was already closed for the day when I got there. Anyway it gave me a bit more time to google and work out how much I need.

Talking of tv, reception since we have been on the rivers is shocking. Lucky for us we bought the whole series of Bond movies on dvd and Andrew has also 'borrowed' a fair few from Jody.  Otherwise what would we do in the evenings! Talking is so overrated ;)

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