Monday, April 29, 2013


Late yesterday evening we made it to our destination, Lechlade, or Lechlade-on-Thames depending on the website you are on.  As usual the weather was absolutely nothing to write home about (funny that as I always seem to mention it) cold wind and overcast.

We did spot our first goslings and Red Kite on the trip. Not able to capture the Kite but maybe next time. I am finding that I am not too happy with my photo's that I am taking on the move. "Move" is probably the very reason why. It is like taking a photo while you are still walking and expecting it to be sharp. Not going to happen!  I have been using Tv rather than anything else but when the sun is out it still does not work too well.

Little Egret

Mum, Dad and kids

Shifford church, in the middle of a meadow
Not the best pic of the church but I will try and get a better one on the way back next week.

Jody and Gina are coming over on Friday for the weekend, so today we are relaxing. Plus Andrew is finding it a bit painful walking around at the moment as he has a rather sore toe. I am not complaining.

We did walk into town this morning to investigate the grocery options, mainly because we needed some. A small superette and a nice butcher.  We also had a look at the small marina above the bridge. We had thought that we might get a berth there for the weekend. We changed our minds! Very neglected and unloved so we might just stay put at the field below the bridge.  Our other thought is possibly the New Inn which has a very nice grassed area, parking (for Jody's car) and a possible mooring. Basically we just want some safe/secure parking for the car for the 3 nights they are here. We shall see.

Next few days will be a bit of spring cleaning, TV and reading.  More of the second two than the first. No explanation required for those that know us well :)

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