Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lazy day in Lechlade

We had another quiet day today.  A short trip into the pharmacy to get some good 30+ suntan lotion and some eyedrops.  I had a wonder around an eclectic Antiques Arcade while Andrew went to check out the anglers shop.  Andrew had left me to my own devices at the arcade so after that, I took a walk along the river bank above the Ha'penny Bridge.  The river is still navigable for another short distance to the old Inglesham Lock and Roundhouse. It was a lovely walk in the sunshine, with an added cool breeze.  Just no camera with me and I don't do phone camera's!

After all that exercise I ended up falling asleep watching tv this afternoon!  I did not realise that I was old enough for a nana nap already.  Must have just needed the sleep.

Finishing off with my view while washing the dishes last night


Dinner time
 and a bit of fun, the view from the bathroom window, not in focus according to Andrew :)

Glorious sunshine to all :)

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