Monday, May 20, 2013

Cheerio to Coventry and Hello Ashby Canal

We had a quiet night in Coventry basin, once the few youngsters left. It really could be a great place especially being so close to the town center.

This morning I ventured off to find the two knitting supply shops. Walking through town via various shopping malls.  I found the needles that I wanted at the first shop and bought them just in case. I decided to still continue on to the second shop which was only a 10 minute walk further on, as the wool was cheaper because they were having a 3 for 2 sale :)  I now have plenty of everything :P
Andrew meanwhile finally decided that his rather sore big toe - ingrown toenail :( - needed seeing to by a proper doctor.  Self medication was not working :))  So he now has antibiotics and instructions to see his GP (now which one might that be?) as, if it does not clear up properly he will need to have the nail surgically attended to.

Well with our various requirements met and Andrew finding the Sainsbury's supermarket on his wonderings, grocery shopping was next.

On the way Andrew showed me the 2 original town gates that he had also found. According to the sign the last 2 remaining of the original 12.  The 10 were destroyed back in 1622, by order of Charles II.

Cross St Gate

Part of the original wall still there too

Swanswell Gate and surviving walls

Essential supplies having being replenished and having seen everything that we wanted in the town, we have retraced our course to Hawesbury Junction and then continued on to the Ashby Canal.  Another new waterway for us.

Historic Coventry Basin warehouse with statue of Brindley in the foreground

Our mooring
What we have seen of it so far of the Ashby canal, it looks lovely.  I love it for its 22miles of NO LOCKS :D  and then we have too turn around and come all the way back and still no locks.

some local fauna
Water Vole


We are now moored up in the 5 spot of the evening as the first was full, well not really, we could have fitted there if all the other boats had not left large gaps between them.  The next few were to shallow and here we are.  Looking forward to another peaceful night on the cut.

Cheerio for now everyone. Sleep well.

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  1. Hi Andrew
    To register with a local doctor you need a local address. What we did was to book a winter mooring with a local marina. They gave us an invoice for the deposit which then enabled us to use their address (using the invoice) to register with the local doctor.