Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Cool and Lazy Day

We have had a fairly quiet day today. Other than the thunderstorm which woke us at the early hour of 7am! After the storm had passed over and the weather started clearing, the quiet was only disturbed by the occasional passing of a boat or walker.

Later this afternoon, Andrew was checking out the barn which we are moored near and noticed that one of the 'holes' seemed to be blocked.  And I had only been investigating them myself through the binoculars not 5 minutes before and saw nothing!  I suspected that there were some birds in there as I heard something while taking pictures of the sunset yesterday evening but did not see anything then.

Well looked who popped out to take in the view.  No it was not Kate and William with the new baby, which we missed as the second thunderstorm for the day passed over at just the wrong moment :(  We lost our tv signal and ended up only seeing the re-runs of them coming down the steps, multiple times :P

Well back to what we actually saw at the barn
Tawny Owl

I also saw these flying past
Black Headed Gull


The Curlew are now feeding in the pouring rain over in the meadow on the opposite side of the canal and the owls retreated when the thunder and lightning started.

So all in all a relaxing day but looks like it is going to be home movie night if this current storm continues :P

Cheerio all :D

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