Saturday, July 27, 2013

And Just A Little Bit Further Again

Friday morning we had to move on further. A bit sad to go but we had run out of food !  Well not completely as we have our emergency provisions but we would rather keep those for emergencies.

Pheasant chicks

Mum and Chick

On the way to East Marton

Coming in to East Marton

Interesting Double Arched Bridge in East Marton
We did not get much past East Marton. We ended up opting for dinner at the Crossed Keys and very nice it was too.  Although a touch on the upper end of price in pub prices.  I really liked the look of the chocolate brownie but there was just no room to fit in more.  I should have asked for a takeaway :D

Walking back from the pub we took the public footpath route as the busy road over the bridge and no pedestrian curb made it a bit hairy.  So we chatted to the sheep on the way back instead :)  and it was a good thing we did too.  We found a sheep with it's head stuck in a feeding trough.  We could not leave the poor thing like that as looking at the ground around it's hind feet it had been struggling for a while.  After a bit of investigation we worked out how to loosen the grating and Andrew was able to help the sheep get it's ears out and then it's head.  With the goodbit of bleating the sheep took off but seemed happy that we had helped.  So that was our good deed for the day :)

The mooring itself was a bit noisy as we were very close to the bridge and the traffic continued for a while and then started up again fairly early this morning.  But we still had a good sleep.

View from the canal further on from East Marton

It has been quite odd being up here on the summit and with the locks closed till 10am, there are no boats moving about in the early hours.  So we have, or I should probably say I have, had some great sleep in's over the past few days.

Today we moved on to Barnoldswick to do the dreaded long walk to restock the groceries.  I have to say I do hate walking when it is just for groceries.  I would much rather it involved some great shopping or places of interest or good photographs to at least make it worthwhile.  Well today's shopping was worthwhile in a way, I GOT DONUTS :D  3/4 of which I have already eaten ;)

Follow my Crested Leader :)

Bridge on approach to Greenberfield Locks - looking back

Historic Boat moored up at top of Greenberfield Locks

As we will soon be in the urban jungle for an extended period, we moved on to find ourselves another great rural mooring.  And it seems we have once more.  We spent a good hour or so on and off watching the antics of 2 more Tawny Owls in the field opposite our mooring.  Too far for a decent picture but based on this one they might be young chicks as it's feathers still look a bit downy.

I hope we will see more of them in the morning.  Provided it is not still raining in the morning that is.

So night all, sleep well zzzZZZZZ  ;)

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