Friday, July 19, 2013

It's All My Fault, All My Wishes Were Granted in One Foul Swoop !!

I apologise to all for the heatwave conditions that I have wished upon the UK. I complained about the cold, wet lousy weather and wished to hard for some sun.  So now we are baking in a heatwave :( and even I have to admit that it is excessive.  Andrew though has warned me off wishing for rain, not even one drop :)  So now I am being very careful about what I wish for, weather wise that is for others I am dropping very heavy hints to the wish granter :)

So to stop talking about the weather, for a change,  I will digress to what we have been doing.

Andrew has in recent years been in contact with his cousins from his Dad's side here in the UK and we have finally been in the right spot at the right time and we were able to arrange a meeting with Jon Howard.  Jon and his wife Sandra came to pick us up from the boat in Saltaire and took us out for the day to Bolton Abbey.  It was a wonderful day and a beautiful setting for Andrew to chat to Jon and Sandra and swap stories and anecdotes about their families. Thank you to Jon and Sandra for taking us out on a lovely day.  It was very much appreciated and it was great to meet the two of you.
The Strid - River Wharfe

Another view of The Strid

The River Wharfe runs through the Bolton Abbey Estate and it was a very pleasant walk through the woods (and in the cooler shade) to the Strid.  This is an area where the river goes through a narrows and has carved out the rocks.

Harebell (couldn't find any with no bloody flies ! )

Another plant still to be indentified

Andrew and Jon crossing on the Stepping Stones. Sandra in the background.

Bolton Abbey

Stepping Stones

A bit of arty fun

Bolton Abbey

Ornate door

Remains of chancel

Jon and Andrew - never could seem to get them looking at me and at the same time :(

The Nave from outside. My inside pics did not come out very well :(
None of these pictures really show how blooming hot it was.  We were almost melting and that was in the shade!

Some reflections from the canal last night while we were sitting out in the cratch having dinner.

This morning we were up before the sparrows could even pass wind, or at least that is what it felt like to me.  It was so hot and muggy last night I did not sleep very well. We were up and on our way just past 7am.  Today was the BIG 5 at Bingley !  A 5 lock staircase :O  preceded by a 3 lock staircase, preceded by a 2 lock staircase.  That's an awful lot of staircases and quite a rise in altitude too.  The 5 locks staircase raises you up 60ft !

So some documentary pictures of the Bingley 5
From below
Entering the middle lock

and in with gates closed behind

Andrew and John

Almost ready for the next one

Gate beams looking down

and out the top after an hour (life in the fast lane)

Looking back

Over the past few days there have been emails from Waterscape (C&RT's website) which we have signed up for, for stoppages and other problems which might occur on the waterways.  Well one of the swing bridges was broken and we have been watching to see when it might be repaired.  there had been some conflicting information floating about so we continued on until we reached the swingbridge itself, hoping we could get through.  Well repairs were underway and thanks to these lovely guys we were eventually able to pass at 6:30pm.

At which point it seems that the news traveled quickly and there were another 8 odd boats that passed us once we had moored up for the night :) 

So here we are having had another dinner out on the towpath and pleasant company and conversation.  Andrew has dropped into bed but as I availed myself of another nana nap while we were waiting at the swingbridge I am getting this 'done and dusted'.

So hope you all enjoyed reading about our past couple of days and chin, chin till next time

P.S The new washing machine is running a treat and in this hot weather everything is dry by the evening and can be put away :) so not even a clothes horse to trip around every night.  Fantastic :D

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