Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ooohh, Carrying On and Washing ;)

It would seem that the washing woes are now sorted, yippee  :D

We left Clarence Docks in Leeds late yesterday morning after sorting out a replacement washing machine to be delivered at our early this morning at last nights stop.  Or so we thought :(  On reaching the first of the 3 lock staircase at 3:30pm and being told off by the lock keeper for firstly being late !  and then saying that this was a 'bad area' to be in after 3pm as the kids are then out of school and not the best of behaved at the best of times, along with some other choice words. Although our canal guide book had warned us of this it mentioned 6pm not 3pm :(  Anyway we were lucky enough that he let us through and then locked up.  He was not a happy bunny though as he had mislaid his truck keys and was trying to call all sorts of people and not getting through. At this point he was getting quite flustered as more 'kids' were turning up, the top lock was not filling because he had forgotten to close off the ground paddles for the middle lock, not surprising as he was on the phone the whole time.  Anyway we (or he) finally got sorted and after explaining that he had been dragged out of his truck and beaten up a few years back it was not surprising that he was getting worried. He expected to find the truck trashed by this morning as he had to leave it at the locks and get a lift back with the second lockie at the next 3 rise about 10 minutes away.  What he did tell us while we were being locked up was that the place where we had arranged for the washing machine delivery this morning was also not a good place to stop and we would be better off traveling another 30 minutes up the canal before stopping in Rodley.  So at this point a quick (or not so quick) call back to the shop to re-arrange delivery. Whew all sorted and new washing machine delivered at 7:30am this morning.

We could not test it out immediately as we needed to run the engine to charge batteries and generate hot water (no luxury of shore power now that we have left Clarence Dock - some lucky sods have got well over 18gpb on the meter!) But we have made it to Saltaire and run a long cotton wash and great stuff :D  All working well and no great drain on the batteries, although the sun beating down on the solar panels probably is helping a lot.  So one happy Michele now, I can wash whenever is necessary now, cross fingers.
Well now that I have told the story here are some pictures from yesterday and today

Leaving Leeds:

The water in the canal here was amazing clear, and for most part of today too.  Note this in the following:

Lovely Waterlilies
Kirkstall Abbey as seen from the canal - in the bad area so not able to stop and go for a closer look
Getting submarine shape :)

Setting the staircase today

Entering bottom lock
See I have got Andrew picking up the camera and taking pictures :D

Field Locks - 3lock staircase

I ended up steering through these locks, the first time I have done a staircase !  I just try not to look at the very large gates in front of me and worry about the huge amount of water they are holding back :)  And we made it with no problems :D

So on to Saltaire:
Coming in to Saltaire - but looking back from the boat

Tonight's view

united Reformed Church

So tomorrow we get to meet one of Andrew's cousins for the first time. Not sure how he feels but I think it is quite exciting.

Well now that it has cooled down from the 32 degrees (that is what the radio said) and the sun has set, there is a glass of very nice red wine waiting for me on John and Barbara's boat, so chin, chin every one and good night :)

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