Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Day in Wakefield

Images of the river and surrounds as we came in to Wakefield yesterday.

Andrew replaced the 'wonky' battery yesterday evening with the one he bought in Huddersfield.

We decided to spend the day in Wakefield to charge the batteries and make sure that there was no issue with the holding of said charge.  So far, so good.  While Andrew relaxed I went off to the local contemporary art gallery, which just so happened to be just down the road. 

I have decided that contemporary art is really just not me !  I spent more time looking out the lovely windows overlooking the river.  Luckily not all was lost, there was also a small collection of more realistic art, most specifically victorian in this case.

My favourite
A Convalescent - James Tissot
I really liked the detail which unfortunately you cannot see in this photo but it was just amazing.  I also liked his painting 'The Gallery of the H.M.S Calcutta' but did not take a photo of it :(

My other like was this one
Small Boy in a Red Shirt - Emile Bouneau
 it just looked so natural :)

I also went to have a look at the Chantry Chapel.  One of only 4 remaining bridge chapels in the UK.  Another 'unfortunately' it was locked so I could not get a look inside but it was interesting that the front of the chapel was incorporated with the bridge. 

These last 2 pictures were taken from one of the windows at the art gallery :)  and no that is not Andrew in the bottom left fishing, although I would bet he wished it was :D

And then just another of the old warehouses around the 'Waterfront' which are being redeveloped into apartments.

A view of the river and an old wharf

and finally our mooring :)

which is opposite a rather nice Marston's pub.  Yesterday was another blisteringly hot day so Andrew and I stopped there for a drink as we were both parched from our wonder into and around town.  It was so pleasant that we returned for dinner, at 2 main meals for the price of one we could not turn that down.  A very nice meal too rounded off with a chocolate ice-cream sundae for me ;)

And a bit of a note for those who read this blog and do not have any idea of where we are in the UK, if you click on the 'Boat Location' image sort of top left of the blog, it will take you to the Waterexplorer website.  Go to the 'inland waterways maps'. This is an interactive map wich shows where various boats are on the waterways at the last recorded position.

Putting the cursor over the yellow arrows or spots tells you what the boat name is, we are currently the second top from right

So now you can get a better idea of where we are in the world at any one time.  A bit of stalking on the internet (a joke which might be appreciated by some - and you will know who you are :D )

Another bit of news, John and Barbara who had headed off in the opposite direction to us have since reappeared and moored up behind us after the Rochdale Canal has had some major problems with water loss and has had to close for a while to find the source of the leak and then repair the problem.  So they decided not to wait and revisit the Leeds and Liverpool canal instead.  So we will now have some very pleasant company along the way.  Welcome back to John and Barbara.  We celebrated by going to the pub again and having desert and after dinner drinks :D

So now it is goodnight to all and cheers until next time.

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