Friday, July 5, 2013

Exploring Huddersfield

Huddersfield was nothing like I expected, it is much larger as it has a university and a college.  There are a variety of architectural buildings from modern all the way back to 1800's.  All sitting side by side and fitting together very nicely.  I have not taken masses of pictures as street view gives you a pretty good idea if you want to see it (plus I did not have my camera with me :( )

The more interesting bits I have nicked off the internet or the one I thought to take with my phone.  I always forget about using a phone as a camera !!

Lovely lion carving on the Lion Chambers building

I borrowed these two images as I was on the wrong side of the road for a picture and we did not end up going back down this road on our return.  But he was quite impressive !

Victorian Outdoor Market but under cover :)  Unfortunately not open today
I should also have taken a photo of some lovely metalwork giraffes outside a shop on one of the corners we turned down, just to show that Africa gets every where :)   Silly me and they were such gorgeous pieces of work too :(  unfortunately they would just not fit in the boat and naturally I did not even look at the price !

We have enjoyed our 2 days recovery here.  We have stocked up the larder once more from Sainsbury's just across the canal and managed to do some personal shopping for shoes and the like in town.

This evening we are off to dinner with John and Barbara on nb Compton, who we met waiting for the tunnel, passing through the tunnel and have traveled with down to Huddersfield and will continue to cruise with them tomorrow to Coopers Bridge.  At that point they will be going in a different direction heading for the Rochdale Canal while we continue on to Leeds.

Meantime this afternoon has been spent watching a whole lot of men's semi-finals, tennis that is and it looks like it will be well into the evening too !

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