Monday, July 22, 2013

I Think That I Am In Love...

with the Yorkshire Dales that is... as well as my loverly husband of course !

We took a short bus trip today from Skipton to Grassington, thanks to a suggestion from Barbara.  The views are just gorgeous.  I know that we did a trip across the Dales back in 2006, from York to Windemere, but I was in the back seat navigating.  No google maps or gps for us then. Also you don't get to see over the dry wall 'fences' as easily in a car as you can from higher up in a bus.  What we forgot is that is seems that school is out.  Grassington was inundated with people and cars. So we only stayed long enough for lunch and coffee after a short walk around town.

I did try to take some views from the bus but as expected they did not come out to well.  I have inked in my to-do list, a guided photography trip to the Dales.  It is best to do these things with like minded people.  Andrew and I would be fighting over who gets the car, because he would want to go fishing!!  >:)

Before zipping off to Grassington in a speeding bus, we farewelled John and Barbara aboard nb Compton (for the 3rd time I might add)  It was sad seeing our traveling companions off after 3 weeks.  It has been fun, entertaining and educational :).  I am sure that we will keep in touch. Keep well Barbara and John, we will definitely meet up in the future.

One other damper on the day, was the dastardly weasel who took my pot of pinks off the front of the boat.  I hope you get what is coming to you !  They were just starting to flower and smelt delicious, as pinks do.  I tried replacing them in Skipton but of course pinks are now flowering so not so easy to find ones to buy.  Not only that, I also have to buy a new pot! Not happy at all and after that I was glad to leave Skipton behind.

The only remnant of my pinks

Once we got back from Grassington and a quick stop at the butchers, we untied and cruised off into the sunset.  Well sort of.  The day started out quite misty but cleared up as we came to the spot we had picked to moor up.

So the view from the hatch

and then I went off butterfly spotting.  On our way here there we saw masses of these butterflies in the one variety of thistle

Small Tortoiseshell

so while capturing these near our mooring I was also able to get these
Green Veined White

This was just after it had mated but I missed the two together which only lasted a few seconds

Meadow Brown

and this chap
White Bottomed Bumblebee

So here we sit, expecting rain tomorrow !  But I did manage to get some sort of sunset, thanks to Andrew, before it disappeared behind the cloud bank on the horizon.

May you all sleep peacefully, I know I will


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