Sunday, July 21, 2013

If You Had A Choice ?

We have seen so many cities, towns, villages and farms in our ventures over the past 9 1/2 months (I can't believe that it has been that long already!) that it makes me wonder if one had a choice where to pitch your tent, where it might be?  We are currently in Skipton, on the southern edge of the Yorkshire Dales and it really is very quaint (if one could call it that) as have many of the other villages we have seen.  I have to say though that when it comes to mooring up my preference would always be the wide open spaces with very few passers by.  But that could be because when sitting in the boat while moored up, it feels a lot like being in a zoo.  Everyone looks in, I guess they are just curious but would they do the same to the houses that they walk past I wonder? 

The thing is though that even out rural, I always know that at some point we have to get back to some semblance of civilisation in order to restock the larder, which we did today at Morrisons. With the warmer weather we are getting through larger amounts of the liquid essentials, which led me to purchase a second shopping trolley. Well, every time we went shopping there was always more produce that would fit in one and extra bags ended up being used.  A second trolley would make life easier for me (I don't worry too much about Andrew's arms :D) as at times I ended up carrying the bag/s.  Well today, the first time the second trolley was put to use and what happens but we end up with 2 FULL trollies and an extra bag !  Lucky Andrew carried that. But as I mentioned, we have been very thirsty over the previous week (it has been heatwave weather remember) and it has been a while since the liquids cabinet was stocked. 

To get back to the journey and photo's thereof, our mooring after we had managed to skip through the 'repaired' swing bridge was quite ?? (trying to think of some new words to describe this as lovely, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous are becoming tired from overuse ;D) so you can make up your own mind :D

We had another early start (7am) to beat the heat and also to get to Skipton before lunch and find a mooring.  The weather on Saturday morning started out quite cool as there were clouds in the sky, keeping the heat of the sun at bay.  Changed a bit later though as the sun had more power than the clouds and banished them from the sky. 

There were some  'lovely' views on this stretch, as one would expect in the Pennines, once more you can see for yourself

John and Barbara on nb Compton ahead of us

Andrew spotted this Tawny Owl perched on a stone wall just by the canal, unfortunately we were not able to reverse to view from the other side of the bush and grasses which got in the way. I was about to jump off on to the towpath to walk back but he/she flew off.  I hope that we might get to see some more but it was great to spot one in the wild.  I just wish I had the sharp eyesight that Andrew has :P
Leaving Silsden

nb Compton bringing up the rear
Entering Skipton

We were lucky to find some good moorings in Skipton just past the Springs Branch Junction.  We moored up and being Saturday wondered in to town as Barbara had mentioned a very nice market.  We had a good look around, purchased some nougat and fudge from the market and just ambled in the warmth (not not HEAT)  There are some very shoppable shops here (read as places I could spend money if I did not have to then explain to Andrew why it was necessary to purchase said items :D) but I will be going back to spend some money.  I did try today but not many shops were open, being Sunday and all :)

While wondering around I spied a Tawny Owl, unfortunately (or fortunately not entirely sure) perched on someones arm. Lovely little thing and confirmed what we had seen earlier in the day and I was able to get a good look.  Turned out that this was a Owls and Birds of Prey Roadshow and they take these owls to various places to promote conservation.  Naturally I gave a donation :)

As usual I did not have either of my cameras with me so these were taken with my phone (remembered this time).  I was able to stroke the Barn Owl and they are so cute :) and I did not take one of the Tawny Owl :(  Well I had one from in the wild :P

Snowy Owl

European Eagle Owl - stands at least a 40cm tall

9wk old Eagle Owl chick

Bengal Eagle Owl - smaller than the other one

Barn Owl

Red Tailed Buzzard - she wouldn't show me her red tail

So I was a happy bunny, well maybe not so much bunny as I might have ended up as a meal :D

This afternoon I went out exploring on my own ( here read window shopping - surprising Andrew let me out on my own)  There were not a lot of shops open on Sunday, not even the Tourist Information Office, so I have made a mental note of the places to revisit tomorrow along with the Skipton Castle.  Did not want to go there today as this weekend was a re-enactment weekend and far to many people around.  What I did end up buying though was a new fold up laundry basket to welcome the new washing machine, which is behaving perfectly and making me another happy washing bunny :D

So that is where today ends.  I was offered tea aboard nb Compton and now I am waiting for Andrew to serve up dinner.

This really is the life for me, why would I want to go back to work !  Well someone will have to top up the coffers again won't they.  I wonder if I could persuade Andrew to sell his body, it must be worth something to somebody :D

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