Monday, July 29, 2013

Onward and Downward

We are slowly heading back south now on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and also down the locks now as we have passed the summit.

Yesterday morning we left Yorkshire and the rolling landscape behind.  The thunderstorm from the night before had added a fair amount of water to the canal summit. It was at least 4" up on the day before.  We timed it really well as we arrived at Foulridge Tunnel just 10minutes before the lights changed.
Foulridge Wharf

Waiting for the lights to change

and we are good to go
 We made our way slowly through the urban areas.  Although the rural areas are lovely to cruise through, there is not a lot of change in a landscape. Whereas there is so much of interest in the urban areas.

The bus service in Burnley !
The history of Pendle Hill includes the Pendle Witches (1612). Supposedly the hill is still associated with witchcraft.  Which all explains the Witch Way :D Travelling on a broomstick would be fun.  I think that they should have painted a large broomstick along the bottom of the buses, much more interesting :)

Terraced housing in Burnley - Weavers Triangle

The Wharf Inn next to the Weavers Triangle Museum

Rainy sky

Old Warehouses


Leaving Burnley

Old and New - Side By Side
and another tunnel, this one much shorter and very straight.  Because I could see the end I was able to stay out back rather than ducking inside.  I am not a fan of tunnels !

Zipping through the tunnel

and shadow cast on the wall

At 4:30pm at a spot recommended by Allan, we moored up in time to stay dry.  Once more it rained on and off all night. It does help to cool things down and makes for an easier sleep, except when it is really hammering on the roof.  Lovely mooring spot though and the motorway noise was not an issue.

Mooring spot view this morning
Our plan today was to hopefully get through Blackburn.  But the weather set in so again we stopped at a spot suggested by Allan.  Naturally after we moored up and had a short shower the remainder of the clouds passed by us.  Anyway we were not moving, rain came and went along with the sun, so tomorrow we cruise through Blackburn with a stop for groceries.  As well as getting through the locks.

Enfield Wharf
Well I have to try and make some of these pictures reasonably interesting.  I don't get a lot of time to set up a shot when we are cruising past.  Andrew does slow down but still you don't really get to choose the best angle too much.

and we passed the halfway mark between Leeds and Liverpool
Shocking swing bridge just before the halfway mark today. Andrew had to help me both open and close the bloody thing.

Clouds forming

Another Old Warehouse !

Rain storm - again !
Also with the slack time I was able to have a lovely, VERY LONG chat with my sister, on Skype. It was great to catch up as it has been a while since we last chatted :D

Tomorrow the journey continues.  May all be well with you ;)  Cheers

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