Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Standedge Tunnel and the Huddersfield Narrow (East) Canal

Well we have made it to Huddersfield :D  and a decent internet connection

Andrew loved going through the tunnel.  For me, I sat inside with all the lights on watching the clock and working out how much longer it would be.  Along with trying to take a few photo's.

Photo's in the pitch dark do not work very well but you get the idea

Stopping for the 'check-in'
 We were the last of the three boats to go through the tunnel.  There are 3 or 4 (Andrew is not sure) points where the chaperone on the boat with Andrew has to check in.  This is to ensure all is going well and we have not go stuck along the way.  We are also tracked by another C&RT worker in a car using one of the old train tunnels which is no longer used (by the trains that is)  It is all very organised and safety conscious.

It was all over 20 minutes before I expected and I only just got this picture before we were back out in the sunlight.  We must have left the rain on the other side of the hill 'cos it was raining when we went in to the tunnel.

Marsden Portal (East)

Looking back to the tunnel entrance
As we only started the tunnel at 3:00pm it was 4:30 when we exited.  With 21 locks to descend to the next mooring spot, all the boats traveling west to east moor up just above the lock.

The last 2 days have now been a grueling 21 locks each day with low water levels, slow filling and emptying locks resulting in 2 long days (5 1/2 and 6 1/2 hour days and only 3 miles and 6 miles each day) but we have made it to Huddersfield.

The trip from Marsden to Huddersfield follows the Colne River valley and is quite pretty and also interesting with all the old mill buildings along the course of the river and canal.  We have descended about 220 m in just 9 miles of canal and 42 locks.

Still another 2 miles to go !!

Lockie hard at work :)

Our first guillotine lock gate coming into Slaithwaite
Titanic Spa - now an apartment block

Locking again !

Another mill building right by a lock - note top edge of lock at bottom of the picture

Coming in to Huddersfield

New canal course after the restoration of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal

Passing through an original lock
As pleasant as the surroundings have been I am not sure that I would be that keen to repeat this performance again in a hurry.  Maybe next time will be in a car or by train :)

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