Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Washing Machine Saga Continues ...

The fairly new, hardly used (maybe 20 odd times) washer/dryer combo and I have parted company :) / :(  Once more it had been obstinate and refused to turn on.  We had hoped that once here in Clarence Dock with some lovely shore power that it would behave and allow us (should read me) to get some more loads of washing done.  Very expensive power card purchased and fed into the meter (not able to retrieve any unused, so some lucky boater/s will benefit), first load of washing popped into machine and machine turned on, NOTHING !!!  A bit more fiddling, still nothing. 
So we bit the bullet and made a decision, the hardly used fancy machine had to go. It was hard to let such a magnificent 'household' machine go especially as it had hardly been used but it was getting more than frustrating.
We bought a new smaller, less energy sucking machine and had it delivered here at Clarence Docks, also paying for the 'old' one to be 'recycled' (some lucky bugger is getting a bargain !! assuming it still works)  The new one was immediately unpacked and put to work.  ONLY IT DIDN'T !!  Well it did work, but the water did not remain IN the tub but ended up all over the floor !
We now have a repair/service guy sent out from the manufacturer having a look.  I would have said to just replace, especially as we now need to move on. We are getting to the point of outstaying our welcome here :(   So while he checks it out, we wait with baited breath.

Other than the washing machine our stay here in Leeds has been most enjoyable.  I LOVED the city center, a woman's shoppers dream.  Fantastic old buildings very well cared for living side by side with the new and modern.

The 1904 Building of the Leeds Market

Victorian Quarter Arcade

Also Victorian Quarter Arcade

Exterior Leeds Market

Interior of the Corn Exchange

From the other side

Exterior Corn Exchange

and other side

Leeds Minster
Like the dock basin here, which is surrounded by apartment buildings, so to was the outskirts of the city center on our way to into town.

Cruising into Leeds

The sad thing is about the basin, is that it seems to have started out with a hiss and a roar but all the retail space at the bottom of the apartments has virtually been closed up. There is only one restaurant, a pizza place and Tesco Express.  Very sad as it could be so much more vibrant.

The royal Armouries Museum is also here and although I am not that keen on things that man has created to kill I still went to have a look.

A cone shaped hexagonal mirror allowing you to see the display up the tower

View of our boat from the Armouries Museum

And to finish off today, some lovely canal side wooden carving by a boater that we were moored opposite before coming into Leeds.

and sunset the other evening

The washing machine repair man has been and gone.  Split sump hose !  So repair or replace ??  Part has to be ordered, we need to move :)  We think replace but now more hassle explaining we don't have a post code, not sure exactly where we will be !  Oh the joys at times of living on the boat with 'no fixed abode' but we are still loving it :D

Cheers again till next time ;) 

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