Thursday, July 25, 2013

Moving On A Bit

Yesterday morning we decided to move on a bit further, what we forgot was that the locks here on the summit of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal have been put into water conservation mode ! This means that the lock flights are 'locked' from 8pm to 10am. Naturally to beat the humid heat bestowed upon us by the previous days thunderstorms, we ventured off at 8:30am. Bugger, arrived at the first lock a short 10 minutes later.  So during the enforced wait I got the vacuuming done along with some other cleaning.  Nothing like starting a hot and humid day with some energetic cleaning !

10am arrived and we were able to continue the cruise.  Well, at the second lock I was totally stumped :(  I had never seen these ground paddles before and although it said 'LIFT' which end was supposed to be lifted? I tried with all my might every which way and could not move the bugger. 

Not the lock in question but similar a bit further up. At least I could move this one :)
So I resorted to using the gate paddle only (only 1 top paddle was functional)  We were getting there very slowly, Andrew was frowning at me but what else to do. He was at the bottom of the lock and I was up top.  Anyway a short time later another boat arrived to go down and the lady lockie showed me how it should be done. Well she couldn't sift the bloody thing either.  Luckily there was also a young chap with her and he was able to get it sorted.  Now at least I knew what needed to be done on the next locks.

A bit of the view along the way

We got to the Gargrave services but were not sure about the water tap.  We were not going to trust our health when on a narrow boat !

There were some great moorings here but we wanted the rural views again. So moving on once more there were quite a few boats traveling in the opposite direction but not any the same way we were going.

The locks were very slow to fill, not a problem for me, I was happy to get out the camera. 
Food Time !!

but I think Andrew might have been getting a bit bored

We spied these cows being moved along the towpath and up the turnover bridge. 
 One poor cow fell in the canal !  but she made it out safely

After filling the water at the bottom of the Bank Newton flight, we started up.  Well if I thought the ground paddles before were tough these were downright impossible.  At the second lock Andrew had to take over, I just could not move them at all.  Back killers they were, especially the ones where the handle was literally laying across the ground.  Andrew naturally had no problems and I was reasonably happy to sit back and steer.

With the odd, heart in the mouth moment
as Andrew skipped across the top of the gates.  These gates did not have the usual walking plank on the side. I walked around each time but Andrew always seems to want to take the shortcut :)

But we did make it to the top in one piece :D

The next feat was to find a suitable place to moor.  There do seem to be lots of rocks and things right by the edge, who puts them there I wonder.  Someone who does not want boats to moor there ?  We came around the corner in the 'bendy bits', rather a nice section of the canal meandering around the contours of the hills, and Andrew spied a very well known face. Well at least to us.  Well that resolved the mooring spot.  We pulled in to say 'Hi' to Allan whom we haven't seen since leaving Gnosall just after Easter. Basically quite a long time ago.

Out with the chairs, the beers and a short time later so did the sun.

and ended with a very ordinary sunset but the good company made up for it all

The mooring spot

This morning we waved Allan off. He was going back to Barnoldswick to pick up a visitor.  As he is heading back this way to Skipton, we will meet again :D

Meantime we just skipped between the inside and outside of the boat depending on the weather. It was very changeable. From really hot sun, to a touch of rain and a bit chilly this evening.  What a great lazy day, with a really great view :)

so 'great views' everyone and enjoy :D

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